Partners of the FSX Competition Center

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Airforceproud95 is a YouTube channel founded in 2008 that hosts official videos from FSXCC events. The channel provides viewers with a variety of aviation-related content on a weekly basis including Flight Sim trolling, chaos, landing competitions, VATSIM/ATC flights, and more.

Seattle Virtual ATC (SVATC) is a relatively small yet high-quality flight simulator community and multiplayer server. They strive to provide a high level of realism and to promote aviation education. They're also home to many real world pilots, allowing many learning and networking opportunities for members.

Boston Virtual ARTCC (BVA) is a free, immersive, and realistic air traffic control community for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. They provide air traffic control within the Boston ARTCC on VATSIM. BVA has an active community of pilots who work with the controllers to create one of the most realistic air traffic control environments available online.

The Flight Simulator X Black Diamond Jet Team was founded in mid-2015 by a group of experienced flight simmers. The FSX Black Diamond Jet Team is a pool of talent with thousands of hours of virtual flight time.

Virtual-Fly is a company founded in 2004 that specializes in Flight simulator designs. Virtual-Fly produces and distributes their own full-motion flight simulators, flight panels and controls.

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