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  1. How do I join the landing competitions?

    To join landing competitions, join the session titled "BEST LANDING COMPETITION" (unless otherwise specified) in the FSX Steam Edition multiplayer lobby. The session is NOT dedicated 24/7, so it is only active during event hours (usually Saturdays @ 7:00pm EST; see calendar).

  2. How do the landing competitions work?

    1. Join the competition session (usually titled "BEST LANDING COMPETITION")
    2. Select the appropriate default aircraft and spawn in the air.
    3. Once in the air, check the chatbox (by pressing ENTER) and determine the active runway. You will usually see a large group of aircraft paused on approach to the active runway.
    4. Fly an approach to land on the active runway. Make sure you PAUSE on a 1-2 mile final approach or behind any other aircraft already paused. You will then be in sequence for landing clearance.
    5. Monitor the chat box to receive your landing clearance (competitors cannot hear voice while paused).
    6. Once you've landed and are clear of the runway, taxi back and hold short until given clearance for takeoff. This signals the start of the next round (usually 2-3 rounds).
  3. Is there a password required to enter competition sessions?

    YES, each competition is password-protected so that only registered FSXCC members can participate. The password for each event can be found under in the event description on the Calendar.

  4. Why can't I use add-on aircraft in competitions?

    This is a very common question. The reason only default aircraft are permitted is because add-on aircraft are substituted by default models, meaning that they appear as an aircraft that they are not (for example, an add-on 757 may appear as a default A321). This results in a number of bugs/glitches on the aircraft including lagginess and hovering/sinking into the runway.

  5. When/where are competition results & videos posted?

    The Top 10 results from landing competitions are usually posted on the Scoreboard within a week of the event. Top 10 videos are uploaded to YouTube usually 2-3 weeks after the event and can be viewed here at the Airforceproud95 YouTube channel.

  6. How are the landings judged?

    Landings are judged based on the criteria listed below:

    1. Touchdown smoothness
    2. Runway centerline alignment
    3. Proper airspeed
    4. Touchdown location
    5. Proper flare and overall technique
    6. Use of flaps and spoilers
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